NOVEMBER 23, 2023

Tor Fridell

Tor Fridell, M. Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering. Currently Head of Student Information System at Linkoping University and coordinator for international affairs for the national Swedish Ladok Consortium. Previous jobs include Operations manager for the Ladok Consortium, IS manager for Linkoping Institute of Technology, and programmer. Tor has been employed by the university since 1996. Tor has long been involved in international cooperation regarding exchange of student data and is also active in standards work and development of student information systems. Tor has been President of the European Campus Card Association and Chairman of the National Swedish Standards Committee SIS TK450, the national body for CEN TC 353, working with Learning Technologies. Tor has been involved in the EMREX project since the start and is also active in development of student information systems. Tor is currently Chair of the EMREX User Group Executive Committee

Dr. Nauman Ahmad

Dr. Nauman Ahmad is a faculty at Centre for Preparatory Studies, Sultan Qaboos University in the Sultanate of Oman. He has participated in different esteemed international conferences as a panellist and given keynote speeches. His doctorate in computer science and informatics was awarded to him by the University of Huddersfield in the UK. His favourite field of study is designing pedagogical frameworks to facilitate vice chancellors in making effective decisions using visual digital dashboards, containing disability-inclusive education. He has also designed the framework for learner-centered, self-paced active learning strategies for learners, to improve and achieve the intended learning outcomes. His field of expertise also includes micro learning. He is a certified trainer (Train the Trainer); and has multiple other certifications. Dr. Nauman was awarded as a “distinguished teacher” and “distinguished researcher” by the Sultan Qaboos University. He also won awards for outstanding papers at conferences around the world; and was also given the “Ambassador of Pakistan’s Certificate for Academic Excellence” by the Pakistani ambassador in Oman. Dr. Nauman is also a prominent researcher in the fields of e-learning, m-learning, and requirements engineering. Furthermore, he has published papers in significant peer-reviewed journals and presented the research findings at prestigious international conferences. Additionally, he serves as an associate editor, reviewer, board member, and advisor to numerous journals and conference boards, providing editorial and review-based services to local and international communities.

Robert Salven

Robert Salvén is an expert in digital experience with 10+ years of leading WebOps teams and building complex digital platforms for both private and public institutions.

Robert is passionate about inclusive design and development and currently exploring the intersection between digital accessibility and green coding with the goal of making the web more inclusive for all users.

Vincenzo Maltese

Head of Dissemination and Evaluation of Research Outputs Division Head of Digital services for research office, University Of Trento.

Gül Akcaova

Gül Akcaova is the lead futurist at SURF - the cooperative for ICT in (higher) education and research in the Netherlands, as well as the National Education & Research Network. With a keen fascination for IT innovation in the field of education and research. She explores in her role the potential impact of new technologies and emerging concepts on education and research. Her background in management studies provides her with the ability to approach developments from various angles.

Tendai Charles

Tendai Charles, Assistant Professor - Faculty of Education, Member of the Centre for Research in Digital Education, British University in Dubai.

Diana Andone

Dr. Diana Andone this director of the E-Learning Center, The Politehnica University of Timișoara, with responsibilities in the planning and implementation of distance learning and the integration of the use of digital educational technologies for all forms of education, through UPT Virtual Campus - CVUPT. Dr. Andone is a lecturer in multimedia and web technologies, developing the courses Multimedia technologies, Web 2.0 technologies, Interactivity and usability, Instructional technologies, at bachelor's and master's level, initiating in 2008 the international virtual mobility project TalkTech. Diana is passionate about the ubiquitous integration of thenologies in everyday life and their use for a better life.

Dr. Andone holds a PhD in “Designing eLearning Spaces for Digital Students” from the University of Brighton, UK, a Masters in European Studies from the University of West Timisoara, a postgraduate distance learning course “Learning about Open Learning” at Herriott-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK; Master in Artificial Intelligence from the Polytechnic University of Timișoara, Romania. He followed various specializations in universities in Great Britain, France, Finland, Greece, Germany. Since 1998 he has been teaching course modules at universities in Great Britain, France, USA, Finland, Italy, Greece.

Bjorn Thomson

Bjorn Thomson has worked in web technology in both technical and leadership roles; including six years as a developer and team lead at the University of British Columbia. He has experience with various aspects of technology, including development, visual and interaction design, and content strategy.

With a Master’s in Education from UBC and 7 years of experience teaching in post-secondary institutions, Bjorn has been teaching, researching, and applying technology within higher education for over 20 years.

When not teaching or working on technology projects, Bjorn enjoys spending time with his family, camping, fishing, boating and generally enjoying the outdoors.

Rachid Hourizi

Director of the Institute of Coding, University of Bath