MARCH 25, 2024

Denise Whitelock

Director, Institute of Educational Technology,

The Open University

Michael Flannery

Assistant Professor with the School of Arts Education and Movement at the Institute of Education,

Dublin City University

Dr. Nauman Ahmad

Dr. Nauman Ahmad is a faculty at Centre for Preparatory Studies, Sultan Qaboos University in the Sultanate of Oman. He has participated in different esteemed international conferences as a panellist and given keynote speeches. His doctorate in computer science and informatics was awarded to him by the University of Huddersfield in the UK. His favourite field of study is designing pedagogical frameworks to facilitate vice chancellors in making effective decisions using visual digital dashboards, containing disability-inclusive education. He has also designed the framework for learner-centered, self-paced active learning strategies for learners, to improve and achieve the intended learning outcomes. His field of expertise also includes micro learning. He is a certified trainer (Train the Trainer); and has multiple other certifications. Dr. Nauman was awarded as a “distinguished teacher” and “distinguished researcher” by the Sultan Qaboos University. He also won awards for outstanding papers at conferences around the world; and was also given the “Ambassador of Pakistan’s Certificate for Academic Excellence” by the Pakistani ambassador in Oman. Dr. Nauman is also a prominent researcher in the fields of e-learning, m-learning, and requirements engineering. Furthermore, he has published papers in significant peer-reviewed journals and presented the research findings at prestigious international conferences. Additionally, he serves as an associate editor, reviewer, board member, and advisor to numerous journals and conference boards, providing editorial and review-based services to local and international communities.

Maria Carolina Lastra Herrera

With a strong belief in digital humanity, I am a graduate of the University of los Andes – Colombia, boasting over 25 years of experience in the field. Throughout my career, I have consistently dedicated myself to delivering services that not only excel in their quality but also establish more humane connections with the university community. 

Currently as the Head of Digital Transformation Experience, my primary focus lies in leading user-centric initiatives and implementing design methodologies to drive effective transformation processes. My belief in the importance of embracing humanity in the digital era guides our daily actions. With my team, we continually strive to enhance student interactions with the University, ensuring that the experience is meaningful and enriching.

Dr. Ana Sekulovska Jovkovska

Dr. Ana Sekulovska Jovkovska holds a PhD degree in Political Science, in the fields of digitalization and policy making. In her doctoral dissertation, she introduced a methodology for assessing the digitalization index in the Republic of North Macedonia, with a special focus on education.

She is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Informatics, University of Skopje, with profound expertise in the areas of digitalization, policy creation and implementation. Her fields of interest include: applied informatics in the public sector, educational policy and strategic planning (with an emphasis on digitalization level assessment models), as well as social and ethical issues in computer science, and virtual communities.

She has been involved as an external expert in a dozen of projects, published a number of peer-reviewed publications with an influence on the development of information society, and implemented more than 20 projects of international importance in a work setting with both the academia and the non-governmental sector.

Gayda AlZohbi

Gayda AlZohbi is currently an assistant professor at Prince Mohamed Bin Fahd University in Al Khobar, KSA. Gaydaa is a full member at the Renewable Energy Institute since October 2021. Gaydaa completed her PhD in Engineering Sciences and Technology at the Brussels school of Engineering, Université Libre de Bruxelles in Brussels, Belgium. She joined the department of Aero-Thermo-mechanics of the Brussels school of Engineering in 2015 as a postdoctoral researcher. Her research interests lie in the area of renewable energy (solar and wind energy), energy storage (pumped hydro storage system and compressed air energy storage), hydrogen energy, building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), energy efficiency and retrofit of building. In 2017, she worked as a research member in the International Energy Agency (IEA), PVPS Task 15-subtask B on the identification, benchmarking, and development of business models of BIPV products in different regions and countries. She worked on many projects on wind energy, PV and CPV, air compressed energy storage and pumped hydro storage system, and on hydrogen generation and storage. She has served on conference technical committee and served as reviewer for many journals.

Dr Kirsty Russell

Dr Kirsty Russell is a Senior Lecturer and the Director of Teaching and Learning for the School of Creative Arts at the University of Lincoln. Her research encourages and supports interdisciplinary working and cross collaborations, with a specific emphasis on technology. Her research projects tend to be student-centred and are designed to enhance student learning and development.

Becca Ferrari

Deputy Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Experience – Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham.

James Green

James Green is head of department for Fine Art Mixed Media at the Faculty of Art and Design at the British University in Egypt and a practicing artist. James has a master’s degree in painting from the Royal College of Art London and was awarded a Ph.D. by Cardiff Metropolitan University.

James had taught higher education art and design internationally, particularly in the UK, South America, and China, and now lives and works in Cairo. His artwork is in many private collections around the world, and his current research areas are how collage can be used to democratise the classroom, how artists have used altered states of consciousness to inform their work, practice-based research led art and design pedagogy.

Anthony ‘Skip’ Basiel

As a thought leader in blended learning solutions, Dr Anthony ‘Skip’ Basiel has over 55 publications in journals, books and online. See his website for examples of research and projects at https://abasiel.uk. He has been a keynote speaker at many European education events providing interactive experiences which don’t just talk about the tech – but use it to engage delegates. With over a decade of professional consultancy experience as an Adobe International Education Leader and Klaxoon Blended Learning Ambassador he has helped organisations from Oxford University to the Natural History Museum, London navigate better ways to collaborate online and in person. Join us on Monday 25 March ’24 at 3:20pm GMT on Zoom to experience a new level of webinar learning.

Callum Philbin

Dr. Callum Philbin works as a Lecturer and Researcher in International Education with NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences for ITE (International Teacher Education) based in Meppel, The Netherlands. He teaches on undergraduate and masters courses for international teacher training, while working in educational consulting for a network of over 200 international schools. He also works as a lead examiner for the IBDP Literature examinations. His doctoral thesis through the University of Bath explored modalities of cosmopolitanism and mobility in international school students. His recent research and conference presentations have explored diverse themes from AI policy in international schools to reparative futures in international education.